In Our Praise

Psalm 23:3 ‘God inhabits in the praises of his people’.

Many times were told to praise our way out, or to praise and imagine our chains being broken, but often times we leave exactly the same and with the exact same mindset. Just recently I read this scripture, which is not new to me and received a life changing revelation.

We leave the same because we don’t understand why we have to praise our way out, we just do it because we’ve been asked to and the thought of it sounds exciting. There are many occasions where God told his people to praise in the midst of a trial, and they ALWAYS broke through. Have you ever wondered why God told them to praise ? Why not pray ? Why not fast ? God doesn’t need our praises, so why does he require us to praise him in order for us to receive breakthrough ?

God requires us to praise him because He dwells in our praise! Every time we lift our hands, bend our knees, lift our eyes to the sky and reverence our saviour, you are being acquainted with him. In the midst of our praises, that is where he is. Every time you exalt him above how you feel, above how the situation may look, you are giving him access to shift the atmosphere and turn it all around for your good. When you get to that deep place where its just you and him and your giving him your all, only then will you see the true fruits of praise, only then will you receive your breakthrough.

Have you ever felt like you just cant praise ? No matter how much you try and shake the heaviness you just cant seem to find the praise within you to even lift up your hands ? That’s because in the midst of that praise you so badly want to render, God awaits you. The enemy of our souls doesn’t want us to get to that place so he’ll put anything in our way, use anything to distract us, so that we leave without an encounter with him. BUT the victory is YOURS ! Rebuke that heaviness, depression or distraction and command your mind to praise God. What God has set aside for you is for you, so take it by force.

Every time your in his presence, make it your priority that you will not leave without getting to that place. With your hands lifted up, ask God for a life changing encounter, praise like your life depends on it because now you know that in that praise he awaits to dwell with you ! I pray you truly receive this revelation, and that your praise will never be the same.

Be blessed 🙂


One thought on “In Our Praise

  1. There are times when I’m too worn out from fighting to praise. In those times, God reminds me that He defines praise, not always as singing and dancing, but as honoring Him. When I’m honest about being worn out, I put my feet on His and let Him lead the dance of praise. He isn’t looking for a performance. He just wants me. 🙂

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