Testimony Time.

A few months ago I embarked upon a new journey of learning how to drive. It was initially harder than I anticipated but eventually I got to test standard with lots of practice and felt ready for the test. I took my first test but failed. I was disappointed because I never waned to take it twice and I had fasted and prayed to pass first time. I took it again and failed once again. I was confused about where I was going wrong because I would drive perfectly well up until the test actually started, but then nerves would set in. By the third attempt, everyone encouraged me on what scriptures to read, what declarations and promises to stand on and I believed that I would pass, but I failed again. I grew weary and thought God must be testing me because I didn’t understand why this was happening. I took the test again after that and promised myself this would be the last time whether I passed or failed. By this time I had almost cleaned out my savings for a car with all the retakes, and was believing that God would come through. I failed again. I declared I wasn’t doing it anymore and that maybe driving just wasn’t for me. Whilst being preoccupied with other things, I felt an impression telling me to book one more time, making it the fifth time. I was literally down to the last in my savings and I dedicated it to God and went in faith that he was in full control, and I passed !

I felt impressed to share this because it reminded me of the Christian walk. Just imagine I had truly given up on the 4th attempt and truly believed driving wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t be the owner of a license for sure, and I probably would have felt like God let me down, when in reality my breakthrough was in one last attempt. I remained persistent and 2 weeks later God rewarded my faith and obedience. Isn’t he faithful !? Your breakthrough is closer than you think. I know it feels like you cant make it or that God cant do it but, don’t give up. God sees your faith and efforts, and they are NOT in vain. Hold on, Don’t faint. Once you pass the test, the pain from the struggle and labour doesn’t compare to the glory that is revealed. God also taught me in this process that, we very often make our own decisions and ask God to bless it and go along with it, rather than asking God for his direction and leading when he is the one that holds our future. If I had learnt this sooner I may have passed 1st time, but I had to learn so that I could encourage you!

Be blessed 🙂


3 thoughts on “Testimony Time.

  1. Congratulations! Now I’m curious about the driving tests over there. I’m in the US and there’s not usually a charge to take the test…classes, yes, but test, no. I know I’m off topic and I’m sorry. I can see how that would be frustrating, especially if you have to pay each time. It sounds like the test are pretty expensive so I’m glad you passed. You know, it doesn’t matter how many times you didn’t passed as long as the final time, you passed. That’s how it is in spiritual conflict as well. The time you win is the only time that matters. 🙂

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