Living A Prosperous Life

The general misconception when it comes to being rich or having wealth when being a born again believer, is that the two cannot be one. This is biblically incorrect. Many have the idea that as Christians we have to be the lowest of the lowest, lead boring empty lives and walk around in ripped up […]

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Don’t distort the vision

Just over half way into the year & I was reflecting on the beginning of 2015. We wrote lists & made resolutions hopeful for a year of increase. We stood in faith and boldness shaking the heavens with our declarations! Today I encourage you to tap back into that zone once again, read over the […]

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In Our Praise

Psalm 23:3 ‘God inhabits in the praises of his people’. Many times were told to praise our way out, or to praise and imagine our chains being broken, but often times we leave exactly the same and with the exact same mindset. Just recently I read this scripture, which is not new to me and […]

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Faith Like A Child

Working as a nanny with two children both under the age of 5, has helped me to come to a deep revelation about what it really means to have faith like a child. Matthew 18:3 (AMP) 3 Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], […]

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Freely Forgive

Ever since I was young my dad has been in and out of my life, leaving me feeling disappointed and rejected, and lacking that ‘manly’ love. When I was younger I never felt brave enough to tell him how I really felt so I would just let him back in each time and hope that things […]

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Testimony Time.

A few months ago I embarked upon a new journey of learning how to drive. It was initially harder than I anticipated but eventually I got to test standard with lots of practice and felt ready for the test. I took my first test but failed. I was disappointed because I never waned to take it twice and I […]

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